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Unovis is changing the way we eat. A pioneering investor in the alternative protein space, the team is contributing to the long-term, sustainable shift in protein consumption away from animals, which will have a significant positive impact on the environment, human health and our society as a whole.


Unovis invests in companies innovating along the alternative protein production value chain with the specific goal of expanding the industry around novel and/or efficient, animal-free proteins that address the ever-rising demand for food.

Team & Track Record:

Experienced, specialist team having invested in 50+ companies that helped launch some of the world’s most disruptive food brands, including Beyond Meat, Good Catch and Daiya Foods.


Offer unique access to quality deals in one of the most dynamic areas of the food industry by leveraging its early mover advantage, track record, and unparalleled sourcing capabilities.


Replacing industrial animal agriculture with plant-based and cultivated meat (cell-ag) alternatives and building a resilient food system.


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