How we impact

How we impact

We are committed to creating a healthy impact investment eco system, where we provide scale and access by connecting capital from leading and likeminded institutional investors with talented impact managers that next to return, are making a difference to the planet and its people, gradually transforming capital markets into a force for good.


Successful fundraising depends on understanding both parties’ needs and facilitating the fundraising process

We have been working with institutional investors for over 20 years

We have been working with Impact Managers for over 10 years

Who can we help?

Impact managers that have a solid track record investing in SDG priorities while targeting market-rate returns

Impact managers that are looking to scale up their platform and further diversify their investor base by adding institutional and commercial capital

Impact managers that are seeking a deeper understanding of institutional needs and fundraising dynamics

Catalysing Change

XS Investments is committed to contribute to the SDG Agenda and views its underpinning 17 Global Goals as a catalytic driver for positive change.

We strive to making the  SDGs the new normal and look to collaborate across private and public participants in the financial sector.


Sector Initiatives

XS Investments is a member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and a signatory to the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)


Our impact clients