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Incofin Investment Management, Committed Beyond Investments

Committed Beyond Investments


Private Equity & debt in emerging markets.


Rural and agricultural micro-finance, promoting financial inclusion of small business and farmers (at the bottom of the pyramid).

Track record:

Funded in 2001, manages over EUR 750M, with a team of 35 people out of 5 offices (Belgium, Colombia, India, Kenya and Cambodia).

Very solid, targeting 15% to shareholders. Demonstrating ability to create social and financial return for investors (DFI’s, financial institutions, pension funds, family offices and foundations).


Providing impact where it matters most with strong proven ability to also provide financial returns


Endorsing the UN SDGs in one thing, truly contributing to achieving them is something else. This is the reason why for each of the funds (and equity investees), Incofin maps relevant indicators against each of the UN SDGs. An investment in Incofin currently means making a contribution to at least 11 SDGs.





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