Our clients

Our clients

Our clients are talented and experienced investment teams with an edge.

Independently owned asset managers

We believe employee owned asset managers are more successful. We associate this with: energy, talent, originality, risk taking, alignment and innovation.

Innovative specialist teams

We do not necessarily believe that bigger is better in asset management, and team up with strong teams that have great ideas, no baggage, are less constrained and focus on executing only the best ideas. We are excited about working with teams that are innovative and focussed on results.

Strong infrastructure

We work with teams that are willing to invest in their business and are looking to build a sustainable infrastructure. They understand today’s need to be transparent and flexible when it comes to meeting institutional needs and product demands.

Active Clients




Early-stage funding for European life sciences companies


Complete lifecycle financing for renewable energy


The Venture Capitalists’ Fund of Funds


Twelve Capital, Return on Insurance

Return on Insurance

Incofin Investment Management, Committed Beyond Investments

Committed Beyond Investments